3 Tips Getting Your Silver Shiny Back

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How to clean silver jewelry


A lady with silver jewelry is always attractive. However, silver jewelry is prone to oxidization which makes the jewelry less shiny. Users can come to silver shop to get cleaning service with low or even no cost. The problem is this takes a lot of time one traveling and waiting.

It’s definitely helpful if you know some tips to do the cleaning yourself at home.

Jeworld would like to give you 3 tips which could help to deal the thing in the easiest ways:


1. Using of salt, lime and water

  • You make a mixture of salt and lime juice
  • Then you add some more water, depends on the size of your silver jewelry
  • You put your jewelry into the mixture, then warm it up
  • You stir the jewelry in the mixture till it get shiny again


2. Using toothpaste and tooth brush: This’s probably the most convenient way to do

  • You take some toothpaste to cover your whole jewelry
  • Then you use the toothbrush to brush it till it get shiny again :D


3. Using baking soda

  • You make a mixture of baking soda
  • Then use a cloth to dip into the mixture and clean the jewelry till it get shiny.


Hope that these tips would help you to deal with issue in easier and more effective way.

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