5 Reasons Why Pearls Are Now Preferred To Diamonds

Đăng bởi Nguyễn Thành Luân vào lúc 01/03/2018


We believe pearls are an excellent investment, not to mention more affordable than diamonds! Here are our top ­5 reasons to choose pearls over diamonds.

1. Although both gems are natural, pearls have the advantage over stones dug out of rocks. Pearls come out of an oyster ready to use in jewelry-perfectly polished by the sea; while diamonds must be cut, cleaned, and polished in order to be used for jewelry.

2. A high quality pearl is often cheaper than a high-quality diamond of the same shape and size-making pearls great for all ages (even those younger or not-so-careful wearers).

3. No two pearls are exactly alike, making them extremely unique, while diamonds can be identically faceted.

4. Pearls naturally come in a wider variety of colors than diamonds.

5. Pearls are a timeless treasures!

Next time you need that special gift for someone special , just think of pearls!



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