6 ways to use & preserve pearl jewelry

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Pearls are quite sensitive to chemicals and are easily affected by the environment. For pearl jewelry there is always a need for separate use and preservation.

Pearls are a natural gemstone with shining beauty made up of a living entity. Pearls have a lower hardness than other gemstones because their main constituents are organic calcium carbonate and water. Thus, pearls are quite sensitive to chemicals and are susceptible to environmental influences. For pearl jewelry there is always a need for separate use and preservation. With beauty and natural color, pearl jewelry is always the top choice of women, and to increase the longevity, durability and beauty of the product, it is important to note the following six:

1. Pearl jewelry should be stored in a soft cloth bag or a separate jewel case when not in use, to limit the impact that can lead to scratching of the pearl surface.

2. Keep pearls in the proper temperature and light conditions. It is best to keep the pearls in a container or drawer to avoid direct sun exposure, light or electrical items that have heat. , including a hairdryer or sauna, sauna.

3. Limit wearing pearl jewelry when doing household chores, heavy work or direct contact with cleaning chemicals. In case of contact, it should be washed under the tap and then wipe with a soft, dry cloth to avoid losing the natural color of the pearl. Note also in the pool water environment also contains many substances that can damage the pearl.

4. Limit wearing pearl jewelry when makeup. Cosmetics, especially volatile cosmetics (perfume, hair conditioner, hair dye, etc.) have the potential to blur the shine of the pearl surface.

5. Clean the pearls after each use, rinse with clean water, carefully wipe with a soft, clean, dry cloth before storing. If not used regularly, pearls should be exposed to water at least once a year to refresh live cells after long storage.

6. Maintain the product once a year at the pearl specialized technical unit (check the wear of pearl strings, chain hooks, beaded details, etc.) to ensure Pearl jewelery is always as beautiful and perfect as new.

With 6 notes as above, you can confidently use and preserve your pearl jewelry is always as beautiful as new.

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